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Is one of the areas I think Jeep dropped the ball for their new JL Wrangler.   It is so bad I sometimes feel like I need a flashlight at all times when trying to do anything inside the jeep at night, especially the rear cargo area.  Then came the Brawlee Rear Glass light to the rescue!! This thing is so easy to install anyone can do it.



Make sure when you purchase from Amazon you select the JL/JLU one as it has the correct curvature for the rear glass.


The packaging is very well done and all the components needed to use this light are included.   The only optional thing I had to purchase was a SWITCH as I did not one to have this plugged into the cigar lighter all the time nor tie it into the rear DOME light.

Basically the install is pretty self explanatory.   The instructions included are pretty good so I will not go into detail and just show you pics on what I did differently.  The instructions wants you to use some 3m Clips to run the wire down the inside of the hard top. I opted t urn the wire inside the hardtop gap where the wires for the wiper motor goes etc.  You can see the pics below how I did it and it makes for a cleaner install.



Finished Product

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