Installed Mopar All Weather Floor Mats

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Mopar All Weather Floor Mats


So I got these in the mail yesterday from Amazon.  You honestly can’t beat these for the price.  Most other mats will run you close to 250 just for the Front and Rear Passenger areas.  I got these for 85 shipped with Amazon Prime.   You can’t beat that.  They are very good quality and the integrated drain works very well.

*NOTE* The part number listed on the Amazon link references the first run of these mats.  Much to my surprise I received the NEW REVISION. So I was quite happy when I received them.




To install these is pretty easy.  If you did not order these from the factory when you got your jeep you will notice the drain plug cutout is not cut all the way so just take a Knife and cut the piece out. Then removed the rubber plug



The Rest is pretty easy.   If you look in back of the mats int even tells you what side they are for but its pretty self explanatory.  Place the mats in the correct fashion and snap the plugs in.  The drain plug is very hard, but put enough pressure down and you should hear a snap when the seal wraps around the body sheetmetal making a seal. You can then place the rubber seal you removed and plug the mats.



The Rear you don’t have to worry about drain plugs.  Its pretty easy to do that my 5yr old son did the back.



And thats it.

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