JeCar US Flag Taillight Cover

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I’m not usually one to do mods like this on my jeep but this was given to me as a gift and so I thought I’d review it in case anyone has an interest in doing this.  For starters, there really is not much to the installation and its pretty self explanatory.

JeCar US Flag Taillight Cover



The box lacks any type of instructions whatsoever, however due to the ease of installation I doubt any is needed.  The installation is basically pulling apart some 3m tape and sticking it onto the Taillight.  I’ll spare you the long details and just put pictures.

The only thing you do need to remember to do is clean your rear tail light with some alcohol or some type of cleaning solution and then wipe dry.

Once you peel the 3m tape off, align it onto the tail light and press firmly to ensure it sticks correctly.


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