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One of things I regretted when purchasing my JL was not upgrading to the Alpine System, although what I did ended up sounding way better than the factory Alpine system anyway.   In the following post I’ll go over briefly what I did to improve the Sound System in my JL.

Parts List:

Step 1 – Run the Wire for Amplifier

I’m going to spare you the long details as by now most of you have probably run wire before in your Jeep.  I chose to go through the driver side grommet under the brake booster.  I ran the Amp Power wire from the battery along the rear of the engine bay and in through the grommet.  I ran the wire inside along the trim panel and then under the rear seat.  I then bolted the Ground Wire to the passenger seat mounts as my Amp will go under the passenger seat.

Step 2 – Install the PAC Adapter

This is pretty much Plug and Play.  The speaker Wires from the AMP will splice into the White, Green, Gray and Purple wires that plug into the harness.

*Please Note that the PAC Adapter connects to the factory speakers locations which are connected in parallel so the White Wires are Left Front, Grey is Right Front, Green is Left Rear and Purple is Right Rear.  So even though the JL has 8 speakers, Its really 4. 

Step 3 – Run the speaker wire and RCA cables from the location you will install amp to the PAC Adapter module.

The picture above doesn’t show the speaker wires but you get the idea.

Step 4 – Connect the RCA Cables to the PAC Adapter

Its pretty self explanatory here.  Connect the RCA cables that go from Sub Channel on AMP to the SUB RCA connectors on the PAC, the Front Speakers from the 1-2 Channels on AMP to FRONT on PAC and REAR to Channels 3-4 on amp.

The Harness from the Wiring Adapter that gets plugged into the factory Radio will plug to the top section on “Vehicle Harness”. You can’t go wrong here.

Step 5 – Connect all the wiring to the AMP and Connect Power to Battery

The PAC Adapter has a 12v Ignition wire that is used to power on the AMP.  You need to run that wire as well.  All you just need to run a speaker wire from the subwoofer speaker connector on the AMP to the back of the jeep or wherever you decide to mount the subwoofer.

Then all that is needed is to connect everything to the Battery and AMP and follow the instructions on the PAC Adapter.  There is a specific start up sequence you need to do to make the factory radio recognize the Pac Adapter.  As for the amplifier, you will need to plug in a computer or laptop the USB port and configure the DSP.  This is a MUST for it to sound good.


I am very happy with the upgraded audio.  This thing bumps!!  Another thing I strongly recommend and ended up doing after this install was upgrading the factory 5″ radio to the 7″.  It makes a huge difference and having Apple CarPlay is nice.

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