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So yesterday my Rhino Rack Batwing Awning finally arrived and got the chance to set it up and mount it to the JL. I have to say, mounting this thing to my Rhino Rack was super easy. Also, one thing to note is this is the new version of the Batwing Awning (Model 33100).

Installation and Parts

When you remove the awning out of the box you basically have the Awning and the 2 brackets for mounting it to your roof rack. The Installation bolts are located in a zip loc bag inside the awning so you may have to unzipped the size pouch and reach in to grab them. The brackets are wrapped in bubble wrap.

Brackets to mount awning to Roof Rack

This is how the bracket looks mounted up to the Awning. To mount the awning to the roof rack you just slide the bracket hardware into the slotted groves on the Pioneer Platform and tighten down.
*Keep in mind this configuration is for mounting the awning to the Pioneer Platform Roof Rack. If you are using a different configuration you will have to look to the instructions for the proper way.

Completed Install

Awning in Action

Improved Earth magnets to hold rods

One of the improvements Rhino Rack made with this newer version is adding strong earth magnets to hold the rods in place when you unzip the bag.

Awning Expanded
Awning Expanded

The awning comes with a pouch that includes the nylon cord and steaks for anchoring it to the ground. Once I can get on some dirt, I’ll post up the process for that.

Final Thoughts

I have to say this thing is very nice and easy to deploy. I actually think its far easier to deploy and put away than a standard style of awning. I certainly see this awning lasting a long time and providing my family with a lot of years of protection and enjoyment.

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