Rusty’s Track Bar Heavy Duty Bracket & JL Wrangler Track Bar weld Recall

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Late September FCA released a Recall on a small number of 2018 Jeep Wranglers that had some bad welds holding the Track Bar bracket on the frame side. You can see the official Recall in the image below.


What is the Fix?

So far the Recall has no fix, however thanks to the aftermarket you can do a way better fix for about 125$.  My VIN number was on the recall but I think it will pass inspection because my welds don’t look all that bad honestly.  Just to give me peace of mind, I purchased the Rusty’s Off-Road Front Track Bar Mount Brace – Jeep JL Wrangler

You can see how my Track Bar Welds looked before.

Notice the weld is right where it should be and the bead is nice and even.


Here is a picture after installing the Rusty’s Bracket.



The install is pretty straight forward.  You unbolt the 4 steering box bolts, and the track bar.  Then pretty much just place the Rusty’s bracket over the OEM bracket and remount everything as per their instructions and torque specs.

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