SteerSmarts Drag Link & Tie Rod + Falcon Nexus 2.2 Steering Stabilizer

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One of the very few complains I had with my JL Wrangler was the steering just didn’t feel great to me.  I know I know its a Jeep with a Solid Front Axle, but I still felt there could be major improvement! And major improvement I found! I finally after months of contemplating decided to jump on the STEERSMARTS bandwagon. I can honestly say its probably the best upgrade on my JL.  Rather than go into a full on Instructional post as its a pretty straightforward install I’ll just post a few words and pics.



Since I already had the Rock Krawler Adjustable Track bar for the front and rear I opted not to purchase the steer smarts track bar.  So the first thing you want to do is open up the boxes and layout the parts.

Steersmarts included some covers for the zerk fittings that give it a nice little flash

Remove old equipment

The next part is the easiest.  Basically you want to lift the front end up and place it on jack stands and remove the front tires.  Then remove the Tie-Rod and Drag Link and old steering stabilizer.

When you remove the old Drag Link and Tie-Rod take down their measurements from one joint to the other.  You will need this to get a rough estimate of the length you set the new Tie-Rod and Drag Link. When you screw in the parts together from steersmarts you want to make sure you use anti-seize.   From there just follow the instructions on steersmarts site on installing everything.

Nexus 2.2 Steering Stabilizer

For my application I opted to use the Nexus 2.2 JK/JL option stabilizer.  Basically it bolts to the Tie-Rod and with their supplied Track Bar bolt, it will bolt to that the trackbar bolt.  See pictures below:


Once you have that all set up.  just make sure everything is torqued to specs and go for a test drive and adjust the steering wheel as needed.  Chances are it will be off a tad even if you measured drag link etc.   I also strongly recommend checking your toe-in numbers etc.


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