Seven Sparta Dead Pedal Install

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Last night I finally got around to installing my Seven Sparta Dead Pedal from Amazon. I must say for the price its a pretty beefy unit. I don’t see having any issues with this thing for a very long time.

All in the install is pretty straight forward. Below you can see the parts that come with the kit:

What I liked about this kit right away was the bracket you have to hold behind the mounting plate comes with adhesive tape. This helps greatly in making sure the bracket doesn’t fall behind the mount plates.

You can see in the next picture how it should mount. The picture shows it wrong, you actually have to mount it onto the holes closer to firewall. So what I did, just skip over to the holes on the right.

Mounting Location

Once you have that all setup its just a matter of mounting the actual dead pedal. Its not as easy at it seems because the limited space you have. Here is the final product:

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